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  • November 08, 2022 3 min read

    The VR headset is forecast to become a familiar sight in households and businesses as virtual reality starts making serious integration into mainstream life. There are already several industries that have been integrating virtual reality into their procedures and practices. If you are looking to invest in a VR headset for personal or corporate use, there are many aspects of the device that you need to take into consideration. Refer to the following VR headset buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

    Components for Choosing a VR Headset

    The main components that you need to research on before buying a VR headset are as follows:

    • Pixels Per Degree
    • Resolution
    • Refresh Rate
    • Field of View
    • Positional Tracking
    • Display

    Pixels Per Degree

    This is one way that VR headsets specify the quality of their image. Pixels per degree gives you a measurement of the density of the headset’s pixel, the number of pixels it presents to the eye in each degree. You can derive this figure by taking the horizontal pixel count to be divided by the horizontal field of view of the lens.


    Resolution is absolutely essential to the viewing experience when putting on a VR headset. A pixel is the lowest displayable unit of a digital image and to create whole images, graphics, and texts, several pixels need to combine. Resolution per eye is how many pixels a VR headset can display which is exhibited as a count of pixel width multiplied by the pixel height. The lower the resolution, the less crisp the images’ edges will be. The viewer may even experience pixilation or the screen door effect when the resolution is too low.

    Refresh Rate

    This is another basic factor that impacts the quality of the VR experience. Refresh rate describes how fast the headset displays images in FPS or frames per second. As the refresh rate increases, the VR experience will be more fluid. When the refresh rate gets too slow, the length latency between frames will be greater, thus giving a choppy flowing display. Your headset should be kept charged at all times with the VR Power 2 to ensure that this is optimized.

    Field of View

    Another important factor that determines the quality of a VR headset is its FOV. Field of view measures the extent of the VR environment at any particular time. For a wider FOV, the viewing experience will most likely be much more impressive. Most high-end VR headsets offer FOV of between 100° and 110°.

    Positional Tracking

    With more precise tracking, the more immersive your VR experience will be. What drives the positional tracking technology enables the headset to gauge its position according to the surrounding environment. It is important in VR technology as it allows the user to feel as if they are moving along within the digital environment. Any lag will also disrupt positional tracking like how it affects the refresh rate. Grip accessories like the Saber Grips can be used to improve its accuracy as well.


    Generally speaking, all VR headsets share mostly the same function which is accomplished in different ways. VR headsets all come with some type of display technology that influences the quality of the final image which translates into the VR experience for the user. The main types of VR headset displays are OLED, LCD, and AMOLED. You can even enhance your VR experience with the Face Foam Upgrade Set.