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  • 4-Port USB Hub for VIVE Trackers

    Tracker Dongle Management: Easily connect up to 4 VIVE Tracker dongles (sold separately) 

    Full-body Tracking: quickly and easily get your avatar dancing the night away

    USB Port Freedom: Free up all those USB ports on your computer for the rest of your gaming gear

    Optimal Positioning: Upright dongle position insures no Tracker interference, meaning you don't need to waste time getting the perfect setup

    All Trackers Compatible: Works great will all VIVE Tracker versions including original, 2018, and Tracker 3

    USB 3.0: Ensures fast data-transfer speeds even with multiple Trackers running through same PC computer USB port

    Rebuff Reality premium quality & 2 week money-back guarantee

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Omar Craig
      Not bad

      So far, I've had zero percent problems with the product and can even find use for them when not using the Trackers so they're very convenient.

      Isaac Paredes

      I love the product and works perfectly

      USB Hub Description

      Along with the track strap pluses I bought I got this along with it. Man did I make a good choice there to get this thing. Now at first I didn't really plan in buying it cause I thought I had enough subs to fit everything but after recounting and changing over my motherboard to a newer one. I ended up not having enough space for all the dongles I was using. So when it was recounted I ended up buying and I'm glad it did. It's been very helpful for my HTC vive tracker dongles and one extra for one other thing. I definitely would suggest this product along with the trackstrqp pluses both amazing products I might buy again.

      Works as expected!

      I bought two of these to manage connecting two sets of trackers to two different computers, and they work great!

      The only silly things are:
      - The packaging has a ton of spelling mistakes, which is kind of funny. Definitely seems like Google Translate haha
      - There's a blue light always on on the top, it's small but always there
      - The wire is thicker than I'd like, making it hard to move, but totally usable

      But the products work as expected!

      One of the Most Useful Things I've Ever Bought

      Rebuff hit it out of the park by making this four usb hub available to purchase at such a good price. I've been using mine ever since I started using VR over a year ago and have just recently noticed that wasn't a review put here yet. I personally use it for my trackers for VR and leave the last one as a charging station for whatever may need it, whether it be a controller, a tracker or even my phone. It all connects directly without hassle, and I've loved using mine ever since.

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