TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers

Compatible with VIVE Tracker 3.0 and VIVE Tracker (sold separately)

Breathable elastic neoprene comfortable and firm

Fits vast majority of waist sizes and foot and shoe sizes

Over a dozen supported games available on Steam

Also works great with leading motion capture software

Patent-pending, comes with 1 year warranty

    Customer Reviews

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    Tho Le Hoang
    Straps review

    Really nice comfortable way to use the Vive trackers without a hassle to put them on. Still not really that firm, whenever you are moving very fast, but all in all very good experience

    Track straps + Vr socks

    These track straps were already known to be the best, but I was more genuinely surprised with the Vr socks as they are super comfy and keeps the trackers steady in place. For its price, I’d highly recommend the Vr socks as it’s something you won’t regret

    Little small

    The straps are good, but the belly starp is a little small. Im oversized and it still fits, just there is no extra. Also for the feet trackers, the velcro feels wierd but when its well placed i don’t feel it.

    madison hill
    track straps

    they are really good quality and comfortable worth getting

    Josh Eves
    Very Good

    TrackStrap works/fits very well using the 3.0 trackers. Had to wait a long while to get them, did DIY straps while I waited for them. Happy with them.

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