VR Power 2 with Battery Strap for Oculus Quest 2

Significantly increase the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 with digitally optimized battery power

Counter balance and firm support massively improves comfort

10,000mAh = 8 hours of gaming and 10 hours of streaming

Easy installation including accessories with 3x USB ports

Central power button with rotational power indication

UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty

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William Roberts
Play time

With this battery it has increased my game time by 4-5 hours!

You’ll never regret this purchase

I purchased the Elite Strap with battery…took it back after purchasing the VR Power 2 Battery Strap. Over twice the playing time of the Elite battery strap and more comfortable. All three of our boys are worn out before the battery is dead. I’m not sure how you can go wrong with this purchase. Shipping might have taken a bit long, but shipping I has struggled through COVID. Purchase this and stay home with the family for an unforgettable day of VR fun.

vfhmzyf vfhmzyf
Awesome but heavy

Absolutely love this concept. Battery duration is beyond expectations. Item is a little awkward and a little heavy when it sits on your head. Tried several different positions/adjustments and found one that does not hurt. If it wasn't for that, I would give this more than 5 stars if possible

Great accessory!

Absolutely great accessory for anybody who wants to have longer playtimes with the quest. The battery and strap give a more study feel to the build quality without feeling cumbersome. The battery also acts as a great counterweight to make the center of gravity more in line with your spine. The strap makes it so much easier to adjust for different users and keeps everything snug!

Amazing accessory

This strap was a great buy for my oculus. It fits snug to the head with no hard plastic parts digging into my skull. NOt only that but the VR Power 2 battery back allows me about double the amount of playing time while still having the freedom of being wireless.

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