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  • VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution

    Experience Ultimate VR Audio Immersion

    Real Life Sound Direction Perception 

    Off-Ear Speaker Provides Ear Freedom 

    Cross-Platform Compatible

    Comes with 1 year warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Rick Lay
    Sound good (lacks bass), size requires a lot of fine adjustment to avoid accidental contact

    I wanted VR Ears because I liked the audio of the Valve Index. Surprisingly, they fit my Quest Pro just like a Quest 2. The sound is clear and detailed, but it lacks the deep bass of the Valve solution. It would be great if there was a way to adjust the sound with an equalizer before it reaches the VR Ears to fix this issue.

    For most games, the VR Ears provided a significant improvement over the default audio of the Quest Pro. They are also more comfortable compared to other options like on-ear or in-ear solutions. However, when using them with fitness-focused games like Supernatural, Les Mills, or FitXR, I found myself accidentally hitting them quite often, especially when I need to hit a target close to my head. I had to make several adjustments to the positioning and placement of the VR Ears to exercise comfortably, but I still occasionally bump into them. They are quite bulky, which adds to the inconvenience.

    Another downside is that I have to charge them every night. I play for about two hours a day, but if I go beyond that, the battery completely drains. When I try to plug them into a power bank connected to my Quest, they turn off, so I have to remove them from the Quest Pro to charge them separately. This also means I have to charge the Quest Pro itself because the VR Ears limit the ability to place the headset on its charging dock.

    A simple and significant audio upgrade for PSVR2

    They're very easy to use, and 'installing' was no issue, even though I didn't bother to read the instructions or watch the video, because... who does? However, one issue I have with the product is that whilst you can lock your angle, you can't lock the height, which means if my head jerks around too much, (and it does happen from time to time), they can slide down below being inline with my ears. This could easily be addressed with a locking pin solution, or rubber inserts that go in the rail, or probably even wedging something that shape in there, like a small paper clip. I've not tried anything so far, but I'm sure it's not a big thing to sort, otherwise, quite happy. Still not as nice as the Index solution, however.

    Eduard Tuggi
    Good immersion Sound.

    Very good and high-quality sound, the immersion sound is in good quality. I was satisfied with this product.

    Jens Mogensen
    Great audio and very versatile

    I am very pleasantly surprised how good the audio is. And although not made specifically to fit on PSVR2, the PSVR1 brackets fit perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.

    James L.
    Great off ear headphones

    A little fiddly to get oriented correctly, but once you do the sound is fantastic!
    I just wish you could turn off the auto-off function when it was connected to a computer via USB. not enough of a problem to deduct a star however.

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    VR Ears vs Headphones

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