VR Power 2 for Quest 2

Significantly increase the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 with digitally optimized battery power

10,000mAh = 8 hours of gaming and 10 hours of streaming

Counter-balance greatly improves comfort

Central power button with rotational power indication

UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Eric Bates
Great product & customer service

We’ve had an issue with our original order and Rebuff handled it perfectly. We are now totally satisfied, great support and product.

Steven Landis
"Vr power 2" for Quest 2

I love using this battery pack,it has given me so much more time using the quest 2. Yes putting extra attachments can make it a little more cumbersome but it's worth it for me.I have the Vr ears also and I love using them too.

Don Hartley
Unlimited Power!

OK, maybe not unlimited. However, going from one or two hulours of game play to a day's worth has been more than I could have hoped for! Granted, it takes a day to charge the battery for that kind of game play. Still, it offers the ability to do so and that's the whole reason I needed it. Wonderful product! Wonderful service! Fast delivery!

Jaycob Blair
It works phenominally

Wether you wanna game for fun or for videos this battery is for you. The battery fits on pretty easily and really well and the extra weight actually balances out the front heavy quest 2 really nicely. On top of that the battery life it gives the quest is mind blowing it allows for extremely immersive gameplay because you charge it in 30 minutes and get so much playtime you honestly need to make a concerted effort to use it all it’s made using my quest so much more convenient as it doesn’t die every 2 hours and helps with neck pain that would otherwise distract you from gameplay overall it’s a must buy for all quest users if your looking to improve your whole experience with one purchase it even fits in a way that leaves lots of space on the quest for other mounted accessories or headphones.

Mateusz Gryczka
Excellent choice battery pack

It's amazing battery pack let you play longer, playtime 8h is plently enough, and it's worth every pennies

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