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  • November 11, 2022 3 min read

    In virtual reality, there are some users who experience VR motion sickness from swift movements but there are also others who can enjoy a stress-free experience without any problem. Before you give up on this cool technology and gift your VR headset to a friend or family member, take note that there are actually some tips to help you overcome VR motion sickness so you can continue playing the games that you have always loved.

    Take a Break

    If you ever feel disoriented, dizzy, clammy, weaker than usual, or nauseated, do yourself a favor and take a break from the virtual realm. Put away your controllers and strap off your headset. Close and relax your eyes with the Smart Eye Massager for a few minutes and just rest. There is no shame in taking a break once in a while and giving it a go afterward. It is better to do this rather than needing to spend some time cleaning up your mess (vomit) or completely throwing in the towel on virtual reality.

    Keep It Cool

    When playing your VR games, have a fan pointed at you, switch on the air-conditioning or open up a window and make sure there is enough ventilation in the room. Having good air circulation and a cooler temperature can really help. This is one of the very important tips that can keep VR motion sickness at bay. Also, for those who are using a fan, remember the position of the fan. You do not want to end up accidentally hitting it or stepping on it while you are in the virtual realm.

    Apply Swimming Rules

    Honor the rules of swimming when playing VR games. If you had just eaten a snack or a full meal, make sure to give it some time to fully digest. Rest for at least half an hour or so before you start hitting the VR games. It is also not advisable to go into the virtual realm when you are hungover. It will only make your motion sickness worse.

    Take It Slow

    Do not simply dive head in if you had just started on your virtual reality journey. Start off slow and limit your VR time to several minutes before building up from there. Most users will start seeing an improvement after playing several games when their body has built up enough tolerance with consistent play. You can also reduce the amount of head pressure with the VR Balance which provides counter balance for better comfort.

    Sitting Before Standing

    Many users have shared how they find it easier to play VR games when sitting down as compared to standing up. Sitting down can keep you grounded so your senses anchor themselves. Once you are fully comfortable, you can try playing while standing up. If you are feeling neck pains or ache after playing for an extended period, you can use the Smart Electric Neck Massager and take a break before continuing.

    Start with Platform Games

    If swift movement in VR makes you queasy, play platform games first. There are many game titles that do not involve walking, turning, jumping, racing, or flying. You will only need to sit or stand in one position and use your body movement. Users who play Skyrim VR have shared how they feel more grounded when using smooth motion and running in place.