Valve Index Trackstraps + Dance Dash Steam Key Valve Index Trackstraps + Dance Dash Steam Key

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  • Valve Index Trackstraps + Dance Dash Steam Key

    Morph your VR rig into the ultimate dance floor. Finally use your feet to stomp the beats in this pulse-pounding, full body sensory symphony.

    Leap into the VR universe with Valve Index Trackstraps!

    Crafted for smooth moves and unmatched comfort, Dance Dash transforms your Valve Index into a sensational dance mix. Time to groove!

    What's in the box?

    · Left and Right Valve Index Trackstraps

    · Dance Dash Steam Key Card (Physical)

    *Limited Quantities Available

    Customer Reviews

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    Tinh Le

    Valve Index Trackstraps + Dance Dash Game Key

    Raymond Chian
    Exceeds expectations

    I play beat saber. I like that I didn't have to calibrate the shoes. This is definitely better than the feet saber mod of beat saber so I am very excited for the full game!

    Pretty sturdy and durable

    I like the colors to tell between left and right. Makes it easier to keep track which foot goes where when picking up the trackers.

    Stomp the Beats, Do the Shuffle

    Harness gravity-powered shoes to hover above the dance floor, commanding the beats with a stomp. Slide to rhythm and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle!

    Duck, Dodge, Jump!

    Finally JUMP like you mean it in VR! So stay alert and nimble, with some quick reflexes and sick moves, you can easily overcome any obstacle in your path.

    Slap, Punch, Hit

    Empower full body tracking, clap to the tempo, palm the rhythm's pulse, and nail a bunch of signature moves!

    Controller Trackstraps for Valve Index

    Dance Dash supports Valve Index controllers, and use Trackstraps for accurate foot tracking.

    Easy, Comfortable, Danceable

    Trackstraps for Valve Index will have you ready to dance the night away.

    More Foot Tracking Games

    A few other cool foot tracking games support Valve Index Trackstraps, check them out on Steam!

    What‘s in the box?

    · Left and Right Valve Index Trackstraps

    · Dance Dash Steam Key Card(Physical)

    *VR headset not included

    Create with your Favorite Songs!

    Drop your own beats with our DD Beatmap Editor. Totally free to use on Steam so you canchoreograph your most treasured tunes.

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