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  • October 07, 2022 3 min read

    Virtual reality is experiencing a revival as advanced technology makes it possible for any user to enjoy fun, quality 3D entertainment remotely anywhere. There are several headsets that enable you to explore the world from a smartphone, whereas others can be connected to computers and handheld controllers for an immersive experience in lifelike video games. If you are new to the world of virtual reality, here are some uses of VR headsets that you stand to enjoy.

    How VR Headsets Work

    VR sets often comprise a headset that makes use of lenses that auto-focus to track eye movement before generating an immersive 3D environment. Some VR sets also come with controllers, headphones, and other accessories such as a treadmill for a dynamic workout experience. Mounted cameras or sensors that are to be fitted around the room will track the user’s movement.

    Explore the World in Virtual Reality

    There are videos or apps that allow you to virtually visit the different cities and countries around the world. You can fly over popular tourist destinations or famous landmarks to discover the different attractions in-depth at street level. VR can also let you go on safari, deep-sea dive, and try out an Olympic bobsled track. You can even go on secret agent missions with the Controller Gun for Quest 2to fend off enemies!

    Play Virtual Reality Games

    Whether you are a fan of horror games, first-person shooters, classics, or fun simulation games, you can experience a unique gaming experience with VR. There are many popular games that have been remastered for VR such as Skyrim and Minecraft. If you’re a fan of sports but never got to play table tennis, the Table Tennis Paddle for Oculus Quest 2 lets you try your hand at it.

    Attend a Virtual Reality Concert

    VR concerts let you watch performances by big industry names in an elaborate virtual setting that may not be possible in real life. You can enjoy the VR technology that is mixed with the magic of live music with the VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution, which gives you true audio immersion. There are even some artists who have started using 360-degree technology when shooting their music videos, letting you in all the action.

    Work Out in Virtual Reality

    Not many of us can spare the time or money to head to the gym for a good workout or perhaps you want to sweat it out in a whole new environment. Why not work out in outer space or the ocean? There are fitness apps that are subscription-based as well as some VR workout games that incorporate real-world exercise equipment. You can also work out in a virtual boxing ring to get more excitement out of your experience.

    Play Virtual Instruments

    There are some VR systems that integrate controllers so you can experience with music in both virtual and realistic settings. Learn drums or piano or mix like a DJ through various VR apps. There are also rhythm games that let you dance, fight, or play along with the music.

    Make 3D Art

    It is possible to create and experience art in a whole new way through VR. You can design 3D art, paint your room, or even become a street artist on virtual streets. VR also lets you tour various famous museums and art galleries where you can get inspired by the many masterpieces from various artists.