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  • November 17, 2022 3 min read

    Meta: With hand tracking becoming more accessible, more people want to ditch their controllers and use their hands alone. If you’d like to play without controllers, here is a list of the best games that utilize Hand Tracking.

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    6 Best Hand Tracking Apps & Games For VR

    The first introduction of finger tracking/hand tracking was conceptualized in 1969. As VR development became more prevalent in recent years, developers and companies such as Meta have sought to utilize this original idea of hands tracking in their own games. By implementing controller-free hand tracking,  you might get a better feel for these games, and experience responsive gestures as well. For those eager to try, here is a list of the best hand tracking apps & games.

    #1 - Unplugged: Air Guitar
    Ever jam out pretending to play a floating guitar? Well, if you have, Air Guitar makes your invisible guitar skills come to life. Jam and play out some of the most iconic rock songs without needing a physical instrument or controller in doing so. Note charts are provided in the game so that you can practice finger positioning and get a feel of a real guitar. With Air Guitar, you can become a rockstar with your hands alone.


    #2 - YouTube VR
    Free using the Quest and many other HMD’s, you can now rewatch your favorite videos in a totally new dimension. YouTube VR has a growing list of 360-degree videos and other VR-friendly content to watch from. You can easily navigate the menu by using pinch-to-click gestures, and reposition two-dimensional (2D) videos at various heights and angles. Additionally, you can push or pull the screen closer to you. Access all of your favorite videos with ease from your hands.


    #3 - Cubism
    If you are a fan of puzzles, this game is definitely one you might enjoy. Cubism is a puzzle game that assembles complex, 3D shapes out of colorful blocks. For Quest users, hand tracking is supported and makes puzzle solving easy. Recent updates have improved its tracking stability. You can focus on gameplay without awkward hand positioning while playing.

    #4 - Vacation Simulator
    Want to enjoy a vacation island run by dysfunctional robots? Vacation Simulator is just that. The locations and activities you’re given on vacation can get quite interesting, but provides you with a unique getaway experience. With its new experimental Hand Tracking update, you’re able to experience this game in a totally new way.


    #5 - LiteBoxer
    LiteBoxer is an app that combines two very exhilarating things; boxing and music. If you’ve ever needed a quick cardio pump while rhythmically punching to top-charting music, you can with this app. Using controllers seems to be an enjoyable part of VR, but for this game, you can use your hands too. Latest updates include better accuracy for hand-tracking. 



    #6 - Chess Club
    Chess is a strategic game that squeezes the mind while also requiring the use of your hands with each move. With its recent hand tracking update, Chess Club allows you to easily send gesture-based reactions to your opponent. Play around with the chess pieces and try passing pieces from your left to right hand. You can even roll chess pieces on the table or throw them to your opponent. Emoticons come with every hand gesture you make while playing the game.