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  • November 17, 2022 3 min read

    Meta: Experience virtual reality at its finest by being familiar with the different games you can enjoy with this system. Here, you will know more about Full Body Tracking (FBT) Games.
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    5 Best Full Body Tracking Games You Should Try
    Full body tracking brings a whole new definition to the way you enjoy VR. With the ability to express yourself fully with FBT, users have flocked to pick up trackers more than ever. If you own Full Body Tracking and are looking for the ultimate FBT experience, here’s a list of games you should try out!

    #1 - Blade and Sorcery
    Blade and Sorcery is an action-packed game with plenty of ways to defeat your foe. Set in a medieval setting, you can choose to attack opponents with melee, range, or magic. With its support for FBT, you are able to dodge opponents and retaliate with grabs, stabs, and jabs. You’re also able to kick opponents down and choose how you want to defeat them. This game can be a bit graphic, but is heaps of fun. Just don’t get too carried away..


    #2 - VRChat
    Want to make new friends in the metaverse? Well look no further! VRChat is a social platform dedicated to connecting other VR users like you. VRChat allows you to explore community created worlds, games, and experiences such as VR Clubs, Open Mic Nights, and Relaxation Lounges. Your first experience may feel a little strange, but VRChat offers you a chance to connect with the plethora of communities and people that digitally reside here. Supporting up to 10-points of tracking, VRChat allows you to express yourself to its full potential in any avatar you could imagine.

    #3 - Neos VR
    Looking for an alternative to VRChat? Neos VR is another VR community with plenty of FBT users who are looking to push the limits of using your entire body within Virtual Reality. With Neos, you build within the space; importing any supported file types directly into the game and creating a virtual sandbox to your liking. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but you are encouraged to use VR to its full creative potential using its built-in editor. 

    #4 - Fit It
    If you are looking for a mix of wacky-simple-fun, then this game is for you! A giant wall comes towards you as you match the pose to get through the hole. This is a great solo and party game that encourages yoga-like poses and could end up helping you burn off some extra calories. Try not to get hit by the wall!


    #5 - Zenith MMO                                                                                                                                                 Zenith is JRPG inspired game that aims to bring MMORPGs to VR. With plenty of familiar elements such as raids, world events, and questing, it has ambitious plans to take over as the leading VR MMORPG. As an Early Access game, it is still working towards having full features, but its base game offers support for Full Body Tracking. With its support for FBT, the world will feel a lot more alive and bring us closer to that Full-Dive “SAO” experience.