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  • Responsibilities:

    1. Execution of brand social strategy and designated products across all platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, VR Chat and more).
    2. Maintain a deep level of understanding of leading products and companies in the VR industry, in order to effectively foster brand awareness and affinity.
    3. Support social media marketing campaigns by using VR hardware and by playing VR games, suggesting ideas, writing copy for social media posts, creating clips/gifs/memes for branding, marketing or sales purposes.
    4. Proactively setup digital and social strategy for different products, determine the tone and style of social engagement and maintain editorial calendars.
    5. Test product samples before product launch, plan and publicize the promotion plan and content in advance.
    6. Quality Control content and social posts before and after posting.
    7. Oversee content distribution to talent, partners, and owned platforms.
    8. Collaborate with content producers and related platforms to create digital content distribution and activation plans.

    Required Qualifications:

    1. Passionate about the gaming and/or VR industry.
    2. 3+ years of experience in marketing in the entertainment or E-Commerce industry.
    3. 2+ years of experience managing multiple overseas social media marketing channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and others.
    4. Ability to multitask and manage competing priorities while driving results.
    5. Able to adapt to rapidly changing work situations while remain proactive.
    6. Strong English written and oral communication skills.

    Recommended Qualifications

    1. Experience starting a company or working at mid-stage startups.
    2. Experience working with Ad platforms (google ads, facebook ads).
    3. Familiar with the latest pop culture trends of Northern America and European markets.
    4. Proficiency in Chinese and related Chinese Gaming culture.

    Please send your CV and cover letter to: