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  • Rebuff Reality brings you the thrilling VR Master Championships to showcase your skills

    As Virtual Reality games become advanced and grow in popularity, we witness a rise in the quality and number of virtual athletes. This calls for more professional tournaments and championships to bring the community together. At Rebuff Reality, we provide the most advanced VR gear to all the players looking to enhance their performance. With the goal of supporting VR athletes and competition, we partner with VR Master League Championships to sponsor tournaments.

    Echo Arena VR Championship

    Echo Arena VR Championship is one such big tournament that we sponsor. The Echo Arena is widely popular among VR players. This team-based game offers the thrill of zero gravity in an immersive setting. It offers an advanced arena with a complete 4v4 game mode, social lobbies, and full cross-play compatibility.

    It is one of the most advanced and futuristic sports that is accessible to everyone for free. VR athletes make one of the most enthusiastic and passionate gaming communities around. If you’re interested in joining this VR challenge, then sign up for our VR Master Championships.

    Echo Arena VR

    Echo Arena is designed to be played with a complete VR gear. The tactical and collaborative nature of the game allows it to gather players for one of the most popular championships in the e-gaming industry. Players get to showcase their skills in a zero-gravity arena.

    Echo Arena VR Championship

    These futuristic and advanced features of the game are what make it popular. The game’s competitive edge over others lies in the fact that it requires players to have actual practical and physical skills to succeed.

    Echo Arena Season 1 Championship Sponsored by Rebuff Reality

    Being a game that offers futuristic arena and features along with realistic zero-gravity experience, Echo Arena has turned into a huge championship that attracts several high-quality players from around the world. Not only this, but these championships are also a huge crowd puller as many viewers enjoy watching players and teams compete against each other.

    The Echo Arena Championship offers a fully immersive experience and intense competition among top players. At Rebuff Reality, we believe in supporting and facilitating E-sports closely linked to Virtual Reality. As the providers of high-quality VR gear, we take pride in sponsoring the VR Master League.

    Being one of the most recognized tournaments in the VR gaming community, we partner with VR Master League to bring high intensity and immersive competition for you. We believe that competition is the fuel that drives the VR community and makes room for more innovation. That is why we are playing our part in supporting the community and making the e-gaming spaces more exciting.

    VR Master League Championship

    Apart from the game itself, the most exciting thing that the season 1 of Echo Arena Championship offers is the sizable combined cash prize worth over $1000 along with product prizes for the winning team.  For more information on the new season of our sponsored championship, check out the details on our website today!