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  • Responsibilities:

    • Motivated, data-driven storyteller to run advertising campaigns.
    • Work with overseas marketing manager, develop Ads strategy, data analysis system and execution.
    • Create customer-centric digital experiences consistent with Rebuff Reality. Drive performance to ROI.
    • Content Testing, experiment to find the best performing contents for the target audience, codify and share insights across advertising on Facebook, Google, VR Chat and other effective platforms.
    • Write and release data reports regularly to provide front-line data analysis support for market operation, product design and sales.
    • Cross-functional Collaboration, act as a strategic partner to demand generation campaigns, marketing, production and sales strategy. Recommend new strategies for investment.
    • Produce new vendors and technologies to generate growth in key marketing segments.
    • Help building internal processes, frameworks, and communication strategies that enhance operational excellent.


    • 2+ year western market advertising experiences. Proficient in overseas media platform advertising rules and methods, skilled in operation.
    • 2+ year overseas VR/ Gaming/ entertainment or Ecommerce industry working experience.
    • Good knowledge of VR/ Gaming advertising pricing, competition and popular contents.
    • Extremely efficient and creative production of advertising content.
    • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
    • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.
    • Agile and efficient. Capable of switching priorities based on company goals.

    Recommended Qualifications

    • Experience starting a company or working at mid-stage startups.
    • Familiar with the latest pop culture trends of Northern America and European markets.
    • Proficiency in Chinese and related Chinese Gaming culture.
    • Experience in Chinese advertisement industry

    Please send your CV and cover letter to: