VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution

Experience Ultimate VR Audio Immersion

Real Life Sound Direction Perception 

Off-Ear Speaker Provides Ear Freedom 

Cross-Platform Compatible

Comes with 1 year warranty

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Robert Courtemanche
Really impressed with the sound quality!

As a quest 2 owner, I found the default sound output to be… serviceable at best, non-immersive at worse. In comes the VR Ears as the savior for the banal default solution. With a much richer sound field leading to improved immersion and the added benefit of being off-ears meaning you don’t have them pressing on your ears which also benefits the sense of immersion. Because I use a 3rd party Halo strap, I felt the VR Ears were best suited for me to use with Rebuff Reality’s own “Ear Strap” accessory. This in turn allows me to use the VR Ears with other peripherals including my PC/phone. End result is I’m surprised at just how good they are; Highly recommended!!

VR Ears

I like my VR headset but I'm a bit hard of hearing. I decided I needed a solution to that problem so once again looked to my friends here at rebuffreality. I saw these and immediately liked the idea of them for a couple of reasons. One, they stand off the ears so if you're in Beat Saber or Elvin Assassins, you stay cool because nothing sits right on top of your ears and the sound is spectacular. I've tried headphones but they are too bulky, even the smaller ones, but these are only noticeable by the great sound you get. Now I don't miss anything that's said or goes on in the game.....it's awesome. They are also very easy to set up and this team has supplied a nice video to ensure you're clear on how to set them up properly......and they also fit will with the VR Power 2, another awesome product.

VR Ears

These are amazing. A bit of playing around to get the perfect final set up just right but once accomplished this product is amazing. There are many tutorials and references to set them up correctly — really not difficult. I love the fact that it doesn’t touch your ears meaning no pressure points or discomfort/intrusiveness while playing any VR game. Absolutely love these. Highly recommended.

Bought everything for occulus?

I've bought the earphones, battery pack, remote covers and faceplate(which I put the anime girl face on from your website.)
The battery pack works great and balances out the quest well. The earphones when changing sizes from kids to adults is a pain but if you're the principal user they are great. Also the battery pack has an extra port for charging them...almost like they planned it. The faceplate is hilarious and great protection from bumps and scraps. The remote covers are definitely a needed upgrade for any gamer. They slide and hold onto your hands with a strap that slides on the back of your hand.
The only recommendation I would make is to get a case to hold all of it....I'm willing to back it like I did the earphones if you make one for the quest.

Ended up being great chioce

Apparently, they need a bit of a break-in period to realize the full potential of the sound quality. Once that happened after a few hours of use they turned out to be great! I pre-ordered through their Kickstarter campaign for my Quest 2. It was worth the wait and price. I do not regret it. I have tried several options to improve sound quality and this was by far the best one. Deep bass, excellent range. Good immersion of sound. Very easy to attach and remove for each use. It comes with adapters for almost every headset. Even fits my Halo headstrap. I got mine with the accompanying case, which is also designed very well. I highly recommend giving these a try for improved sound in VR.

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