VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution

Experience Ultimate VR Audio Immersion

Real Life Sound Direction Perception 

Off-Ear Speaker Provides Ear Freedom 

Cross-Platform Compatible

Comes with 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Eduard Tuggi
Good immersion Sound.

Very good and high-quality sound, the immersion sound is in good quality. I was satisfied with this product.

Jens Mogensen
Great audio and very versatile

I am very pleasantly surprised how good the audio is. And although not made specifically to fit on PSVR2, the PSVR1 brackets fit perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.

James L.
Great off ear headphones

A little fiddly to get oriented correctly, but once you do the sound is fantastic!
I just wish you could turn off the auto-off function when it was connected to a computer via USB. not enough of a problem to deduct a star however.

An Audio Upgrade for the Vive Pro 2

VR Ears is an excellent choice for the Vive Pro 2 headset.
When the built in headphones on my Pro2 began to fail [intermittent sound loss on the left side] I started looking for solutions.
I am very pleased with VR Ears for several reasons:
1. The sound quality is excellent and directional; [I can hear the creek flowing and foot steps behind me].
2. I like the placement just off my ears. Mine sit 1-1/2 inches away from my ears and my ears stay cool.
3. Now it is very easy to put the headset on and off. [I was always moving the earphones around and adjusting placement each time I put it on / off.] Now it's as simple as putting on a baseball cap.
4. I use my Pro2 with the Vive cable. So the VR Ears batteries stay charged. I never have to charge them separately.
5. The VR Ears on/off button automatically shifts the audio from the computer speakers to the ear phones when pressed.
All in all, I feel like I got a very good upgrade for my headset!

George Ralston
fantastic audio

Despite the tricky setup and bulky design I found it to be worth it for the fantastic audio experience!

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