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  • Super Soft 55" VR Mat for Virtual Reality

    SUPER SOFT: comfortable foam allows for many hours of uninterrupted gameplay without tiring.

    MINIMIZES ACCIDENTS: Improves VR game play by defining your play area and keeping you within a safe zone away from objects or walls.

    KEEPS YOU CENTERED: Physical home centering button give you a true physical presence while in Virtual Reality

    USE WITH ALL VR SYSTEMS: Not limited to any one VR system

    USE ALMOST ANYWHERE:At home, school, hotels, dorm rooms, VR arcades- any use that requires standing or room scale.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Your Cats Will Love It

    I totally love the mat. Makes longer VR sessions easier on the feet for sure. Only problem is... my cats love it too and think it is the best scratching surface ever. The material seems really enticing for them to rip up for whatever reason. As a result, I've had to put it away when not in use and recruit my wife to spray the cats with water in a hopeless endeavor to train them not to attack the mat. Otherwise, it's great.

    Save yourself alot of pain!

    This mat, while there are others, has changed my Virtual life. The change in how long I can stand and play was immediately noticed. The quality is just fine I walk all over it. The large area ensures that I have plenty of clear space without fear of obstacles. If you are thinking about getting something to stand on for VR, you can't go wrong here!

    Billy Bang Bang

    Super Soft 55" VR Mat for Virtual Reality

    Zach R.
    VR Mat

    The Mat is super comfy and a nice size. I also really enjoy the center point that comes with it so you can always tell were you are on the mat.

    Just ok for the price

    it serves its purpose and gives us an anchor to the real world in vr.

    To be clear this review is based on a reduced price of $50 + shipping. If it was the origional price I would expect more.

    The good:
    - Mat size works for a minimum space needed for room scale and would be great in a larger space.
    - comfortable on the feet

    The Bad:
    - feet and socks turn black for a while. seems to not be as bad/not noticable after 10ish hours of moving around on it. This is where I would not recommend this product. its pretty gross and annoying to have this happen. makes me wonder why this is happening.
    - the center bump locator is adhesive and applied by the user. not a huge detractor but it would be nice if there was a mark on the mat or something to get center accurately.
    - durability wise the foam is litterally super soft... I dont expect it to last forever. and for 50 bucks this isnt too bad for what you get. But for the origional price its not good enough in my opinion.

    anyways for the price its ok. due to the material/dye staining socks and feet along with no mark for tje center bump i give this a 3 star.

    If the staining and center bump issues were resolved id give this a 4 star. And a more durable material to get a 5 star (id be willing to pay the origional price for this)

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