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  • Trackstrap Plus for VIVE Ultimate Tracker, VIVE Tracker, Tundra Tracker

    Endless FBT in VRChat, Dance Dash, and other apps

    Over 20 hours of usage time per session

    Upgraded breathable elastic neoprene comfortable and firm

    Fits the vast majority of waist, foot, and shoe sizes

    Compatible with VIVE Ultimate Tracker, VIVE Tracker, Tundra Tracker (sold separately)

    UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    VR Dancer
    Amazing product!

    These work exactly as described, and seem sturdy enough for everyday use :)

    Good product

    Fairly confy and fun to use giant +

    Torrent Amador
    Well worth the money

    I rarely give 5 stars because it's rarely deserved, but these things are worthy. The battery lasts so long that I sometimes don't even feel the need to charge, which has only ever happened with my G903.
    The straps themselves are fantastic. Very comfortable despite the battery packs, and they don't hurt after hours of use.
    Fantastic product.

    Antonio Javier
    Fantastic, but could be better for 3.0 trackers

    As far as practical use goes, I couldn't be happier with the TrackStrap Plus. I do, however, am EXTREMELY worried about the USB-C connector for the 3.0 trackers. The USB connector itself is already bent out of its straight form after charging my trackers once, and I'm afraid of it snapping off.

    Conner Whitlock
    Great overall, but a few annoying design flaws

    I've had regular trackstraps for 2 years now, but as VR sessions grew longer and my FBT regularly died, I decided to spring for the battery straps. They work really well, the extra weight and height has not diminished my enjoyment of VRChat FBT at all, but there are a few annoying things.

    1. The USB-C to Micro-USB adapter and micro-USB port just feels clunky and fragile. I think a product refresh with usb-c ports for vive 3.0s is long overdue. Having that stem stick out and risk twisting or bending makes an otherwise solid product, one you'll be moving around a lot in, feel like it needs to be babied.

    2. The straps are shorter than the non-pro version. I like to wear shoes while in VR, and had no problems putting the normal straps around the arch of my shoes while playing. But the battery straps are short enough that they don't go all the way around a shoe. This means that I either have to put them under the arch of my foot without shoes (uncomfortable to stand on for long periods), wear shoes but put the straps around my ankles (diminishes tracking quality by not having the tracker show ankle movement), or put the battery strap around the ankle and secure the tracker to the shoes some other way (still allows battery power delivery, but overcomplicates the setup). I wish the straps were ~2 inches longer, so they could easily wrap around a shoe That little bit of length difference you can see in the picture (Left, trackstrap, right trackstrap pro) makes a huge difference in if it makes it all the way around a size 10 shoe..

    Full Body Tracking

    Never run out of power again when you are in the middle of your dance routine or capturing some great mocap footage

    Dance Dash + Trackstrap Plus = Ultimate FBT GAME
    Dance Dash + Trackstraps = Ultimate FBT GAME

    Unlimited Potential of Trackstraps

    Trackstrap PLus empowers endless FBT in VR Chat, become one with your Avatar

    Other Full Body Tracking Games
    Other Full Body Tracking Games
    Molded for a Perfect Fit
    Precision-engineered for a snug fit, our case prevents Tracker Powerbank overheating
    Tracker Powerbank Within
    Each Trackstrap Plus / Trackbelt Plus includes a single Tracker Powerbank packing 2000mAh of performance power
    Versatile Design
    Patent-penting innovative velcro design accommodates diverse sizes for feet, shoes, and waists
    Easy to Use
    Simple Setup and User-Friendly Experience, get started in minutes

    What‘s in the box?

    · 2x Trackstrap Plus

    · 1x Trackstrap Plus (belt)

    · 3x Micro-USB Cable

    · 3x USB-C Cable

    * trackers not Included

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