VR Power 2 + Face Foam Upgrade = Ultimate Quest 2 Comfort

Face Foam Upgrade


Comfort always comes as a top priority when developing and launching new products. Oculus Quest 2 is able to transport you to an entirely new world, and we want to make sure when you get there you feel cozy, able to really enjoy the environment as much as possible.


One way to do that is to relieve some pressure off the face with a well-designed counterbalance, and VR Power 2 is the best counterweight on the market. By the way there is one pretty big bonus, you can now play for over 8 hours on a single charge!

Another awesome product here at Rebuff Reality is our new face foam upgrade kit. You can choose to use between a 12mm or 10mm mask according to your face size and comfort requirements. This means optimizing the distance of your eyes to the lens, essentially increasing the perceived field of view!

 The anti-light-leakage silicone for the nose is also available in large and small sizes, which has a huge boost to immersion as no sneaky light leakage will get in.

 Finally, the vented bracket helps dissipate heat and reduce fogging, while the PU fabric is more breathable, easier to clean, and will not trap any dirt or skin flakes.




If you really want to massively improve comfort and reduce facial pressure, we highly recommend you combine these two products. Replace the original foam with our face foam upgrade kit and balance out the weight with a VR Power 2.




Finally, if you want to totally maximize comfort and play all day every day, throw in a Head Strap from Rebuff Reality and qualify for free shipping!

Chill out in the Metaverse this weekend friends!

Rebuff Reality