Is It Possible To Play Oculus Quest Offline? Is It Possible To Play Oculus Quest Offline? - Rebuff Reality

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  • October 28, 2022 2 min read

    In today’s modern age, internet connectivity is almost everywhere. However, there can also be certain situations where we may experience a lack of internet connection due to various reasons. For VR enthusiasts, you may wonder if you can indeed play Oculus Quest offline. If you are thinking about it, continue reading the following article to know the answer.

    Can You Play Oculus Quest Offline?

    The simple answer is yes. You can indeed play with your Oculus Quest if you do not have any internet connectivity. However, this is based on the fact that you have actually completed the initial setup of your headset and already pre-downloaded all the movie or game titles that are compatible for offline use. Join us to explore this topic in more detail.

    Initial Setup

    When you first unpack your high-tech Oculus Quest 2 headset, you are still required to complete its initial setup process. You cannot simply strap on your VR headset and head over to a VR wonderland immediately. The initial setup process needs you to have a smartphone along with an internet connection. This is because the Oculus mobile app needs to be downloaded onto the phone before signing in via a Facebook account. Without a Facebook account, you will not be able to log into the Oculus app. You should also expect to install any software updates of the headset that have just been released. The idea is to have an internet connection during the initial headset setup process whether through a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile hotspot. At this stage, audio and power accessories like the VR Ears and VR Power 2 should be set up as well.

    Offline Use

    Upon the completion of the initial headset setup process, you can already look forward to using your Oculus Quest 2 for offline use. Strap on your VR headset, grab those controllers and Saber Grips, and power up your device. It is time for some VR action. However, as you open up the content library, it will be pretty much empty. This is because you have not installed or transferred any content onto the headset that you can use offline. The Quest 2 does come with several pre-installed demo titles, but they are just to let you better understand the device and how you can use its controllers properly. Hence, if you are thinking of using your Oculus Quest 2 without an internet connection, download some content into it first.

    Offline Games

    Most users use the Oculus Quest 2 mainly for games which is the obvious choice for the headset. Most VR games do not require an internet connection after installation. You can determine their individual status by first checking them up on the Oculus store to see if they display the message “Internet connection not required”. If there is no such message, then you know that an internet connection is required at all times when playing the game. Thus, always do some digging around the Oculus store until you get your hands on some game titles that you can enjoy offline. If you are new to the world of virtual reality, check out some recommendations from seasoned gamers and see which titles best match your preferences.