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VR Power 2

VR Power 2 is designed to automatically turn on when you plug it in and when you press the central logo power button. 

To power off VR Power 2, you can double click the power button or unplug it from your device.

VR Power 2 is compatible with Quest 1, Quest 2 Official Soft Strap, Elite Battery Strap, Elite Strap and Head Strap from our website.

And about compatiblity of VR Power 2 with Oculus Link, VR Power 2 is optomized based on Oculus Link charging specifications however it is not able to pass through data from your computer to the Oculus Quest. When using Oculus Link you may still keep VR Power 2 attached and use it as a counterweight. When not playing games you may also use your Oculus Link cable to charge your Oculus Quest and the Oculus Quest power cable to charge VR Power 2.

What you are experiencing is a result of a recent headset firmware update. When the headset is connected to a power supply, it will look for software updates over the WIFI as part of the automatic firmware update process that Oculus has implemented. Please try the below steps to resolve this issue:

  • Double click the VR Power 2 power button to make sure it is powered off
  • Turn off the auto-wake feature in your Oculus Quest headset
  • Make sure your Quest is fully powered off by holding down the power for 3 seconds and selecting "Power Off"

If you are still having issues unplug VR Power 2 from your Oculus Quest when it is not in use.

Please make sure that your Oculus Quest is plugged into the center charge port.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cables and pressing the power button one time.

If you continue to have this issue, please contact support here

1. Make sure that you are using the center charge port to charge your Oculus Quest.

2. Make sure that you are using the latest firmware, you can check this within your Oculus Home menu. 

3. Try pressing the power button once to restore power.

4. Do not repeatedly try to press the power button to force it to accept power, this may damage your Oculus Quest. 

5. It is also possible that your Oculus Quest has cut off receiving power in order to protect its internal components. (You may encounter issues with VR Power not providing charge if the Quest 2 internal battery is over 70%. This is normal function due to the Quest firmware, after the Quest 2 goes below 70% it will charge up as normal. This issue may also be resolved in a future firmware update.).

6. We recommend taking at least one 10-minute break every hour to give your product time to rest and prevent overheating. 

If you continue to have this issue, please contact support here .

VR Power has undergone a strenuous testing and validation process as well as being fully safety certified by UL and CE standards at an accredited testing facility.

The center charge port is to charge your Oculus Quest;

The left port is for additional accessories;

The right port is to charge VR Power from a wall adapter.

If you charge the VR power and Oculus headset at the same time using the Oculus AC adaptor, assuming both are empty, then it will take about 7-8hrs for both to reach full charge.

If you charge it by itself, with an Oculus AC adaptor, it will take approximately 4 hours.

Lens Protector

Please see the image instructure here or follow the steps below: 

Step1: Use the wet wipe(Green Color) to remove excess debris from your screen; 

Step2: Use the dry wipe(Red Color) to clean the screen again. Polish the surface thoroughly; 

Step3: Take out the screen protector, and peel off Sticker 1; 

Step4: Apply it to the screen and lightly smooth out the protector film; 

Step5: Peel off sticker 2. 

Repeat step 1 through 5 to apply another screen.  

TrackStrap Plus

 While charging TrackStrap Plus: 

- blue light means it's fully charged.  

- red and blue light blinks alternately, it means TrackStrap Plus is in the process of charging, not fully charged.  

While using TrackStrap Plus to charge VIVE Trackers, blue light means the Tracker is being charged.  

1. Please make sure you are updated to the latest firmware; you may do this in your SteamVR settings.

2. Try connecting a different USB-A to Micro-USB cable to rule out if it is a cable issue.

If you are still having problems, please contact support here .

4-Port USB Hub

You may need to pair your VIVE Tracker to your USB dongles or try a different USB port. Please refer to the official documentation on

Other Questions about Vive Tracker Products

Please refer to the unofficial list here. This list may be incomplete at the time of writing.

Yes, there are a wide number of Vive Tracker motion capture plugins available on the Unity Asset store, Unreal Engine Marketplace, as well as from IKINEMA. Our products are fully compatible with these solutions.

Yes, the VIVE Tracker uses SteamVR tracking same as the Valve Index and is fully compatible along with our products.

VR Ears

If VR Ears is not fully charged, it might shut down automatically with less than 5%-10% power. 

If VR Ears is fully charged: 

- VR Ears will shut down automatically if there is no audio input (no gaming or music) in 20 minutes to extend the battery life.  

If the volume (input) of your VR Headset is low, it may make VR Ears misjudge as no audio input and lead to auto-turn off in 20 minutes. Please try to adjust your VR Headset to Maximum volume, then adjust the volume on your VR Ears to achieve proper suitable level. Then check if it still keeps auto turning off in 20 minutes. If still having issues, please with your order number and issue details. 

Since the charging current will interfere with the speaker, resulting in a strong buzzing noise. Therefore, the circuit on the VR Ears does not support charging while playing music through the 3.5mm audio port.  


At present, we can only modify the circuit board of VR power 2 to support 3.5mm playing and charging at the same time. If we need to charge VR ears while playing music by the 3.5mm audio port, we can only use VR Power 2 for now. 

If you connect your VR Ears to your PC, laptop or phone through type-C cable, you can also play music while charging. 

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