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  • 10月 04, 2022 3 min read

    Real change and transformation happen when we stop making excuses and start acting. Here, we have gathered a list of myths about virtual reality that has been stopping us from experiencing the true value of  VR technology. VR is truly a tool that allows us to experience a much more immersive experience when working out, gaming, and so much more.

    VR Gear Is too Expensive

    For people who are new to VR, tech, and video games, they often say that VR headsets and other gear like the VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution are way too expensive. Times might be tight but you are still able to get a premium head-mounted display at a decent price. Do note that a Vive or Oculus VR head-mounted display also requires a computer to power the device. Both Vive and Oculus have computer compatibility checks that are downloadable.

    VR Is Just a Passing Trend

    Trends usually come and go just like the seasons but not VR. The technology is here to stay and many industries like gaming, music, and movie have already experienced success in using VR for marketing and other purposes. The integration of VR in the fitness and entertainment industries will definitely change the landscape of gaming for many more years to come.

    VR Is Only for Young People, Gamers, Health Geeks, and Tech Nerds

    Gamers may have a much easier time transitioning from PC or console to virtual reality. However, that does not mean that potential players who have little to no experience with those platforms should be left behind. There are many real-life fitness benefits that users stand to enjoy with VR that can turn users into fit gamers. With the comfortable foam of the Super Soft 55" VR Mat for Virtual Reality, anyone from all types of backgrounds, even with limited gaming experience can transform into VR experts.

    VR Is Boring

    VR is far from boring! We live in a modern era when we can hold a controller and wear something on our face to fight bad guys or float in outer space right from the comfort of our home. If you find video games boring, VR will not disappoint. Virtual reality can hack your senses to provide you with an immersive experience that is extremely amazing beyond words. You can be hooked on just one VR app for hours without even noticing so much time has passed.

    VR Makes You Anti-Social

    VR lets you enjoy an immersive experience but that does not mean you will forget about people. You can chat with other VR users through a digital chat room where you can mingle with others who share the same personal interests. You can play games together, create art together, or even compete against one another. You will find yourself making even more friends than you likely would in real life especially with so many social distancing restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, limiting your social activities.

    VR Makes You Nauseous

    VR games are mostly fast-paced where you will be flying and zipping around in VR games. Some users may feel a little queasy but with the right resolution and framerate, a VR headset with VR Balance - Counter-Balance Head Cushion Compatible for All Headset can reduce motion sickness to prevent you from feeling nauseous.