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  • Rebuff Reality brings you high-tech full-body VR gear for an immersive experience.

    If you’re looking for full-body tracking gear for VR use, then Rebuff Reality is your one-stop shop. We offer the highest standard of products and the latest designs in the VR world. With our full-body tracking, you get to take the immersion of VR to the next level.

    Full-Body Tracking

    Here are the two top-tier full-body trackers that we offer:

    1. TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers

    If you’re looking for a track strap that is compatible with VIVE trackers, then thisTrackStrap Bundle makes an excellent choice. The full-body tracker is made with breathable elastic neoprene, which is not only firm but also very comfortable.

    TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers comes in various shoe and waist sizes. With this high-tech gear, you can access dozens of games on Steam. The track strap bundle comes with 2 Trackstrap and 1 TrackStrap Belt Strap. 

    Full-Body Tracking  

    Moreover, you get a year-long limited warranty along with technical support.  The bundle costs $69.99 and comes with a money-back and return guarantee for 14 days. Here are the different features this bundle offers:

    Industrial Grade Rubber: The tracker offers precise grip because it is made of highly durable industrial-grade rubber. The bi-concave shape of the rubber body prevents wobbling and makes it more steady.

    Silicon Gel Grip Dots: Trackers often have an unscrewing issue, but the Track Strap Bundle has an attachment base with over 100 silicone gel grips that keep it firm and steady throughout the time you’re wearing it.

    Breathable Elastic Neoprene:If you’re looking for a comfortable and breathable fit, then it doesn't get better than this because this tracker is made of elastic neoprene.

    Flexible Design: The buckle of the strap is made with an innovative design that makes it a good fit for a variety of waist, foot, and shoe designs.

    2. TrackStrap Plus for VIVE Trackers

    If you want to take the track strap experience to the next and more advanced level, thenTrackStrap Plus is the answer for you. With this gear, you get over8 EXTRA HOURS of full-body tracking. This means that you will never run out of power in the middle of your immersive experience.

    The TrackStrap Plus is compatible with both VIVE Tracker 3.0 and VIVE Tracker. It costs $129.99 and comes with a one-year money-back warranty. It is made with an innovative design that fits a variety of body sizes. The TrackStrap Plus box comes with 2 TrackStrap Foot battery Straps, 1 TrackStrap Belt battery Strap, 3 coil cables, and 3 Micro USB - Type-C converters. Here are the different features TrackStrap Plus offers:

    Tracker Power Bank Within:Both TrackStrap Plus and TrackBelt Plus come with a single Tracker power bank offering 2000mAh of performance power.

    Molded Tracker Powerbank Case: The power bank case is designed with a precise shape, making it fit tightly without the risk of overheating.  

    Coil L-cables:The coil L-cables are custom-designed and closely attached to the case of the power bank without causing any obstruction.


    What are you waiting for? Shop now for high-quality full-body tracking gear today!