VIVE トラッカー トラックストラップ + ダンス ダッシュ ゲーム キー VIVE トラッカー トラックストラップ + ダンス ダッシュ ゲーム キー - Rebuff Reality

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  • VIVE トラッカー トラックストラップ + ダンス ダッシュ ゲーム キー

    VR リグを 究極のダンス フロアに変形させます。 最後に、このドキドキする全身で足を使ってビートを踏み鳴らします感覚のシンフォニー。

    VIVE Tracker トラックストラップで VR 世界で動きを止めましょう!

    迫力のダンスと比類のない快適さのために設計された Dance Dash は、トラッカーをダンス シーンの次なる大ヒット商品に変えます。


    · 左右の VIVE トラッカー トラックストラップ

    ・VIVE トラッカー トラックストラップ ベルト



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Trackstraps for VIVE Tracker + Dance Dash Steam Key

    Real Human Being
    Excellent Quality!

    I won these from a raffle, but based on my experience with them so far I think the price would be worth it. They are durable and stay in place very well, and look cool too. Also the game is fun!!!

    Greate Game

    I Like the Game and it make a lot of fun.

    Lasse Ludwig Jäckel
    Amazing game amazing product

    Amazing product and the game is a lot fun , I would wish to have an Trackstrap plus version of those straps

    David Amesquita

    VIVE Tracker Trackstraps + Dance Dash Game Key

    Stomp the Beats, Do the Shuffle

    Harness gravity-powered shoes to hover above the dance floor, commanding the beats with a stomp. Slide to rhythm and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle!

    Duck, Dodge, Jump!

    Finally JUMP like you mean it in VR! So stay alert and nimble, with some quick reflexes and sick moves, you can easily overcome any obstacle in your path.

    Slap, Punch, Hit

    Empower full body tracking, clap to the tempo, palm the rhythm's pulse, and nail a bunch of signature moves!

    Trackstraps for VIVE Tracker

    Bust a move with a slick design on each foot that matches the in-game red and blue shoes, as well as a black belt that enables true FBT avatar tracking in Dance Dash and more.

    Cool Design Custom for Dance Dash. Softer Material & Improved Screw Strength. Stickier & More Long Lasting Velcro

    Dance Dash edition

    The NEW Tracker Trackstraps for VIVE Trackers Dance Dash edition are a step above the rest.

    Compatible with Tundra tracker

    Totally functional on a number of other trackers, now and in the future.

    Unlimited Potential of Trackstraps

    VIVE Tracker Trackstraps empower full-body tracking in VR Chat and more FBT games.

    What‘s in the box?

    · Left and Right VIVE Tracker Trackstraps

    · Dance Dash Steam Key Card(Physical)

    · VIVE Tracker Trackstrap belt

    *VR headset and Trackers not included

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