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  • 10月 18, 2022 3 min read

    Looking for a VR headset for a PC, console, or neither? Do you prefer the Oculus Quest 2 or others? Getting the right VR headset that can meet your expectations requires you to carefully go through the following VR headset comparison so you can make a decision that fulfills your personal needs.

    VR Headset Launches

    Between the significant improvements in visuals, performance, and tracking, virtual reality technology has reached an impressive tipping point. Today, many social media platforms have their very own virtual reality tech to take user experience to a whole new level. Their virtual reality tech is known as mixed reality which includes face tracking and will obviously reach a hefty pricing range. For the PlayStation 5, Sony is releasing PlayStation VR 2 which is compatible with the PlayStation 5. You can also expect some form of VR/AR headset launched by Apple but its details have not yet been released. There are also some phone-connected headsets that are starting to pop up too like the HTC Vive Flow.

    Oculus Quest 2

    This is a good self-contained headset that is wireless and equipped with great touch controllers and can be equipped with the VR Power 2 for longer battery life. The headset is comfortable enough for gaming and can double up as a PC VR headset. It does require a Facebook account to be synced up before it can be used. The Oculus Quest 2 offers an immersive VR experience from just about any location. It is smaller in size but is much faster and cheaper than the original Quest. It also offers optimum comfort for long hours of wearing. The Quest 2 has a new version that also has more storage. Each headset comes with a silicone cover for the foam facepiece that prevents facial irritation. The Quest 2 is highly versatile, offering users with great fun and excitement. Users can easily start up the headset in a matter of seconds and it fits really well over glasses. The VR headset comes with a full-motion 6DoF VR controller and self-contained motion tracking. Its display is also surprisingly high-resolution and it has built-in speakers too. You can easily download apps directly from the onboard storage of the headset. The VR headset can also be connected to a PC through the use of a single USB-C cable like the16 FT USB 3.0 Type C Data Transfer & Charging Cable16 FT USB 3.0 Type C Data Transfer & Charging Cable like the 16 FT USB 3.0 Type C Data Transfer & Charging Cable.

    HTC Vive Flow

    The HTC Vive Flow is a pair of smart glasses that offer a prescription-adjusting range that can match your eyes. Hence, you do not need to wear your glasses with the HTC Vive Flow. The headset can take you anywhere to let you escape reality for a little while and you can enhance tracking with the TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers. However, they are not your typical glasses. Their passthrough cameras need to be activated before you are able to see through their massive mirrored domes. The sides of the Vive Flow are really compact so the headset can be put on just like any other pair of glasses. There is no need for a weird strap or elastic band. The headset can also easily fit into a carrying case that you can conveniently carry around your purse or backpack.