Here's Why Cheap VR Headsets Aren't Worth The Money Here's Why Cheap VR Headsets Aren't Worth The Money - Rebuff Reality

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  • 10月 14, 2022 3 min read

    Many users are intrigued by cheap VR headsets because they think they are actually getting a good bargain on something that works like any other alternatives that are more expensive. What these users are not aware of is that cheap VR headsets might actually adversely impact their entire VR experience. If you are still compelled by the low price of some VR headsets, here is why cheap VR headsets are not really worth your time or money at all.

    No Support

    Most cheap VR headsets usually do not come with much support. Usually, users do not necessarily require an 800 number to report an issue, but smaller brands with low-quality products often compromise on various things like well-written instructions. If you do not understand how to use or set up your device, the entire VR experience is dead before it even begins. What happens if your device breaks halfway through a game? Cheap VR headsets usually do not come with a warranty or replacement. Sure, you may think that since the VR headset is cheap, you can easily get another 2 or 3 sets. With that amount of money, you would have already gotten into the mid-range of VR.

    No Games

    Depending on your location, developers often put their efforts there. If there is no userbase, games cannot be sold. Cheaper VR headsets often rely on mobile games that need to be downloaded separately from the App Store or Google Play. If the market for users who buy games is not there, developers will not even bother to include games in their headsets. Hence, you may encounter difficulty in finding games that you enjoy for smaller name brands. That means you won’t even get to use VR accessories like the TrackBelt Plus or the VR Weight Vest, which can truly enhance your VR gameplay experience.

    Challenges with Framerate and Immersion

    Immersion is one of the many pillars of a good VR experience. If you wear your headset and you notice that light comes in from the sides, you can lose immersion. Color vibrance and screen quality are just as important as many VR games display in a higher definition. Mobile headsets are generally not that mobile as they are not designed for use with motion tracking accessories. This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended to invest in a standalone VR setup alongside a charging headstrap like the VR Power 2for longer better immersion. Having the proper frame rate and 3D movement also helps prevent motion sickness but these two aspects need to work together seamlessly. With a good framerate, motion sickness can be avoided.

    Shoddy Construction

    Most cheap VR headsets have shoddy construction which may cause your workout experience to fall short of your expectations. You won’t get to  Since the developers need to cut costs somewhere, they tend to downgrade on the electronic guts of their headsets to increase revenue. Most of these cuts come from cheaper materials that can easily crease or even break under stress. Cheap plastic and faux leather might make the headset loose and may fall off even if they do not break completely. When you are working out, all of those problems get mixed with your sweat and you will be in for a disaster. This is when you will come to realize that you have already spent half the amount of a good-quality VR headset.