TrackStrap Plus for VIVE Trackers

Compatible with VIVE Tracker 3.0 and VIVE Tracker (sold separately)

Over 8 hours of usage time per session

Custom coil L-cables unobtrusive to sensors

Molded Tracker Powerbank case protection

Breathable elastic neoprene comfortable and firm

Fits vast majority of waist sizes and foot and shoe sizes

UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Work perfectly and very useful for long VR sessions

100% the Best straps out there

I have been using the Track Strap+ set for over a year now and they are still holding up strong, very comfortable and easy to use. the neoprene has worn down after HEAVY usage over the time I have had them but was easily remedied with a small patch of fresh Velcro. definitely would recommend for anyone that uses full body tracking. Ordering was painless and they arrived in a very timely manner.

Amazing battery

When I first started using full body tracking, it turned vr into something else entirely but the battery life on the trackers wasn't the best; After getting the trackstrap plus I now get to experience full body for 10 hours, that's longer than my controllers battery life, I love the trackstrap plus's extended battery for the Vive, trackers as it gives me so much more freedom and time to hang out with my friends and play the games I love in vr. By far 10 out of 10 best product I've ever gotten on rebuff.

Shmooving and groovin

These track strap PLUS really do be a huge PLUS, they keep me charged all night long for those long vr gamin hours. I'm able to Shmooooveee all night long and not worry about the trackers at all!

Track Strap Plus

So I've had these track strap pluses for about almost a year maybe a little over a year and I love them. There awesome. They are a little heavier when there on with the trackers but with the reward you get of having those extra hours of playtime is pretty good for an exchange and plus theres ways around the weight thing. I didn't think that these last as long as they have to be honest because of what I do in vr. I expected these to break pretty quick but to my surprise they didn't at all. But all in all I would definitely recommend this product if you want some extra time to play vr and are okay with the weight exchange for the time you get.

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