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7-Port USB Hub for VIVE Tracker Management

Tracker Dongle Management: Easily connect up to 7 VIVE Tracker dongles (sold separately) 

Full-body Tracking: Quickly and easily get your avatar dancing the night away, this is the ultimate Tracker dongle management solution

Tracker Charging: 7 ports means 3 for dongles, 3 for trackers, and you can keep the original USB port free for whatever you need 

Fast Charging:Optionally plug into a wall adapter for even faster charging of your VIVE Trackers

Optimal Positioning: Upright dongle position insures no Tracker interference, meaning you don't need to waste time getting the perfect setup

All Trackers Compatible: Works great will all VIVE Tracker versions including original, 2018, and Tracker 3

USB 3.0: Ensures fast data-transfer speeds even with multiple Trackers running through same PC computer USB port

Rebuff Reality premium quality & 2 week money-back guarantee