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  • Dance Dash | Full Body VR Rhythm Game Key

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  • TrackStrap Plus for VIVE Trackers

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  • TrackStrap Bundle + VIVE Tracker 3.0

  • VR Power 2 for Quest 2

  • VR Ears - Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution

  • Low-Profile Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2






    Morph your VR rig into the ultimate dance floor. Finally use your feet to stomp the beats in this pulse-pounding, full body sensory symphony. Pair with Quest/Index controller Trackstraps (see below) or Trackers to unleash the Dance Dasher within you.

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    • Full Body Tracking: Feel the rhythm with your whole body! By combining foot tracking and controller tracking you can stomp the beats in style and do the shuffle! (hand tracking coming soon).
    • Foot Tracking: Don't have FBT? No problem! Dance Dash is also compatible with Quest 2 or Valve Index controllers by utilizing our comfortable and affordable Trackstrap accessories.
    • Physicality: Dance Dash enables many engaging interactions like stomps, ducks, jumps, slides, dodges, slap, and more. Players move in Dance Dash like never before imaginable.
    • Community Created Beatmaps:Users can choreograph their own beatmaps for their favorite music tracks and share with the community using our free beatmap editor software.
    • Stylized Art Style:Hand crafted and cell shaded, become totally absorbed in a highly stylized world. Feel the floor beneath your feet warp as you propel with your rocket powered shoes.
    • Dynamic environment:Thrust into an unknown world and surrounded by an exotic crowd that reacts to the music with color and sound, everything is shaped by you and the rhythm.
    • Global Leaderboards:Connect with friends and players worldwide, aiming for the top spots in our competitive leaderboard to become a legend among Dance Dashers.
    • Avatar upload: Embody an avatar to become your true virtual self. Currently with integrated LIV support, Dance Dash will soon have a native avatar system so you san see your full body in-game.

    Trackstrap Hardware Accessories

    • Designed for effortless groove and comfort, included with each order are comfortable, easy-to-use hardware accessories compatible with Dance Dash(Not included with game-key only orders).
    • Affordably priced, during Early Access, Quest 2 and Valve Index Trackstraps cost $29.99 including a Dance Dash game key. Vive Tracker Trackstraps are $39.99 including Dance Dash game key.

    Overview Trailer and Steam Launch

    • Bring the arcade home and feel the music as you nail sick combos with independently tracked feet movements. The above video clearly demonstrates the use of Trackstraps and the core gameplay mechanics of Dance Dash. This video is also shown in-game to demonstrate usage.
    • Dance Dash will initially launch on Steam Early Access on September 12th at 1pm EDT with an Oculus Quest 2 App Lab and XR Elite standalone port coming later in 2023.

    Player Reception

    Since shipping Dance Dash to our Kickstarter backers and beta testers, we have received a ton of excited players posting so many cool videos and pics of themselves becoming Dance Dashers!

    Dance Dash was demoed at GDC 2023 to high acclaim, noted for its unique gameplay, energetic music, and vibrant art style. Since then we have improved the gameplay, art, and more, driven by user feedback.

    Community Support

    Dance Dash's Beatmap Editor has already empowered the creation of many new and unique charts to custom songs. We can't wait to see what the future holds as everyone's creative passion brings a wealth of exciting new gameplay and musical possibilities to Dance Dash.

    Dance Dash was awarded the "Project we Love" tag and was the most successful VR game on Kickstarter in 2023 with over 500 backers receiving their pledge ahead of schedule! The feedback from our Kickstarter backers has been invaluable to improving the game and beatmap editor. We are eternally grateful for the support.

    About Rebuff Reality

    Founded in 2016, Rebuff Reality has been a pioneer in full body tracking in VR, shipping our products to tens of thousands of customers globally. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of full body VR gaming and making Dance Dash the greatest rhythm game of all time.


    Stay updated with Dance Dash and Rebuff Reality by joining our community and following us on our social media channels. For press inquiries, please contact pr@rebuffreality.com.