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  • At Rebuff Reality, we aim to reimagine the established parameters of virtual reality, taking immersion and sensory experiences to the next level with high-performance VR accessories engineered with cutting-edge technology. We design our products with unique features and excellent quality materials to maximize our customers' comfort, optimize user experience, and up the realism ante. Our main goal is to truly engage your senses and transport you into an entirely new world and fantasy you've always dreamed of going to but never had the opportunity.

    Our Differences

    Full-Body Tracking

    This is what differentiates us from the rest. Rebuff Reality's accessories elevate the experience of full-body tracking to a whole new level, making your body's physical presence within the virtual environment feel more authentic and true-to-life. For instance, our TrackStraps Plus combines with classic VIVE Trackers and can attach to your waist and feet, increasing the sensory experience, accuracy, and capacity of the VR simulation. So, whether you're VRChatting, playing VR sports, or embarking on an exciting VR adventure, it enables the tracking of your movement in the real world and increases the realism factor of your simulation. With optimized full-body tracking, you will truly feel in control like the main character in your VR games. 

    Our Differences

    High-Quality Products

    Gone are the days of VR accessories with short-battery lifespans, uncomfortable headphones that constrict your ears, and bulky VR equipment that feels overbearing. Instead, our high-performing accessories are optimized for our users' experience, engineered with key hardware and firmware specifications to allow extended periods of use and wear. Case in point: our signature VR Power 2 for Quest 2, TrackStraps Plus for VIVE Trackers, or the VR Ears are designed to enable up to eight hours of VR experience to maximize your time spent in the VR world. 

    Comfort and accessibility are our top priorities when developing our ground-breaking creations. Therefore, our accessories and peripherals are designed with accessible and ergonomic features to accommodate an extensive range of sizes. We also incorporate excellent-quality materials that provide breathable and unobtrusive wear to our users to eliminate discomfort while exploring the VR world. In addition, our users can rest assured about our products' quality as they are constructed following the highest standards of criteria and undergo meticulous scrutiny and inspection by the Rebuff Reality team. 

    Empowering VR Lifestyle

    Our high-quality products aim to empower valuable metaverse lifestyles. Comfortable and well-designed accessories mean being able to extend your time spent in the virtual world without any disruptions and discomfort while customizing your VR accessories to suit your gaming needs. In addition, our virtual shopping platform provides you with a range of options you can select from to enhance your VR experience. From the Face Foam Upgrade Set for Quest 2 to improve facial comfort and pressure to the Grip Socks for VIVE Trackers for better stability and balance, and to reduce chances of stumbling, we've got you covered from head to toe – both in reality and virtuality! 

    A New Virtual Experience with Rebuff Reality

    Rebuff Reality is committed to continually innovating and creating new realities with our exceptional and ground-breaking designs to elevate our users' VR immersion and sensory experience. Our accessories and peripherals are developed with the best design principles and highest quality standards that are unseen to this day – this is what makes us different; this is what makes us unique. 

    If you have any questions regarding our extensive collection of VR accessories and peripherals, please do not hesitate tocontact us.