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  • Looking for high-quality and latest VR products? Rebuff Reality is your one-stop shop for all things VR.   

    Rebuff Reality offers the highest quality VR products, gear, and accessories to help provide you with a totally immersive experience. If you are excited about the latest innovation and technology in VR gaming, we are the ones who can make it accessible for you.

    High Quality Products

    Take a look at some of the categories of products that we offer at Rebuff Reality:

    1. Oculus Products

    Oculus products are one of the most popular product categories at Rebuff Reality. Check out a few of our best sellers below:

    High Quality Products

    VR Power 2 for Oculus Quest 2: This Oculus Quest set offers a digitally optimized battery power of 10,000mAh. This means that you get 8 hours of non-stop immersive gaming period and 10 hours of streaming. The set is very comfortable due to its counterbalance properties.

    Low-Profile Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2: Forget the real world bustles and enjoy a total VR experience with this low-profile head strap that can be attached to your VR Power 2 easily. This adjustable headset provides a firm and comfortable fit with its soft foam padding. 

    Lens Protectors for Oculus Quest 2: This scratch-resistant lens protector is a must-have for all Oculus Quest 2 users. It comes in two pairs and offers clear optics and easy application.

    Face Foam Upgrade Set for Quest 2:If comfort is a priority for you, then you need this face foam that makes your experience much more pleasant and seamless. It is made with a soft foam covered with a PU leather cover that doesn’t rub against your face.

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    2. VIVE Products

    Rebuff Reality offers the latest VIVE full-body tracking products. Check out the two top sellers below:

    TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers:If you’re looking for a track strap that is compatible with VIVE trackers, then this one makes an excellent choice. The full-body tracker is made with breathable elastic neoprene, which is not only firm but also very comfortable.

    TrackStrap Bundle for VIVE Trackers comes in various shoe and waist sizes. With this high-tech gear, you can access dozens of games on Steam. The track strap bundle comes with 2 Trackstaps and one track belt.   

    TrackStrap Plus for VIVE Trackers:If you want to take the track strap experience to the next and more advanced level, then ourPlus variety is the answer for you. With this gear, you get8 HOURS of full-body tracking. This means that you will never run out of power in the middle of your immersive experience.

    The TrackStrap Plus is compatible with both VIVE Tracker 3.0 and VIVE Tracker. TrackStrap Plus box comes with 2 TrackStrap Plus, 1 TraQckBelt Plus, three coil cables, a micro USB with a type C converter. The tracker is made with breathable elastic neoprene, making it highly comfortable and steady.

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    3. Universal Collection

    Our universal collection includes all the accessories and supporting products for the main VR gear. Check out a few below:

    VR Ears:If experiencing the ultimate VR Audio is your goal, then VR Ears offer that level of immersion. With real-life sound direction perception and cross-platform compatibility, this is the latest accessory to look for this winter.

    VR Weight Vest: If you want to become stronger, then playing with added weight can help you do that. Get the VR vest and improve your performance.

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