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  • Rebuff Reality leads the way in empowering the VR lifestyle.

    At Rebuff Reality, VR is not just an industry that we serve, but it is a lifestyle on its own. We provide premium VR hardware that is available for delivery across the US. We are the top providers of Virtual Reality products and gear of the highest standard. We bring together innovative and futuristic designs to provide high-quality virtual experiences for the users.

    Empowering VR Lifestyle

    Our products catalog offers a variety matched by no other. We value our VR community, and that is the reason why we offer a 2-week money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty with all our products.

    Other than VR products and accessories, we also facilitate various experiences for the VR community.  Rebuff Reality aims to take the lead in bringing you the latest news, updates, and developments in the VR world. Whether you want updates on the new innovations or need to stay connected with the VR e-gaming community, our News section covers it all for you.

    High Tech VR Products and Gaming Gear

    We offer an extensive range of VR products, gear, accessories, and much more. Whether you’re looking for a full-body VR tracker or a VR weight vest, you’ll find it all at our store. All our products promise the highest quality, technology, and excellent design. Moreover, we offer FREE SHIPPING across the US on orders of over $149.

    Empowering VR Lifestyle

    We offer three main collections, including:

    ➢ Oculus Products

    ➢ VIVE Products

    ➢ VR Universal Collection

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    VR Master League Championships

    At Rebuff Reality, we believe in supporting the community that enthusiastically engages with VR products. Therefore, we sponsor multiple VR championships around the year. The popular e-gaming competitions that we sponsor include Onward VR Championship, Echo Arena VR Championship, and Pavlov VR Championship.

    As the providers of high-quality VR gear, we take pride in sponsoring and supporting these cutting-edge competitions that attract top players from across the country. Moreover, these tournaments empower the players in the form of cash prizes as well as several other benefits and perks.

    We believe that competition is the fuel that drives the VR community and makes room for more innovation.  That is why we are playing our part in supporting the community and making the e-gaming spaces more exciting.

    Being one of the most recognized tournaments in the VR gaming community, we partner with the VR Master league to bring high intensity and immersive competition for you.

    Join the Rebuff Reality Revolution

    Rebuff Reality is onto bigger and better things in the VR world. Along with bringing you the latest VR gaming technology that makes your experiences even more immersive, we are also creating a strong community that fosters innovation and competition.

    If you’re a VR enthusiast, we would love to hear from you and cater to your aspirations and product needs. Browse through our products list to purchase the latest high-tech gear. We also welcome you to join the competition and participate in the master leagues that we sponsor.

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