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  • VR で涼しさを保つネックファン

    デュアル タービン:ファンの反対側にある拡張チャンネルから冷気を送り出すため、顔全体と首全体が快適になります

    3 スピードモーター: このネックファンを調整するためにスティックの操作方法を知る必要はありませんが、クリックするだけで出力をカスタマイズできます


    ハンズフリー: 首にかけるだけで、このファンを手に持つ必要がなく、銃を持つために両手が必要です

    運動 長め:暑さは感じずに燃焼を感じます。このネックファンは、カロリーの燃焼により多くの時間を費やしながら気分を良くします

    Rebuff Reality のプレミアム品質と 2 週間の返金保証

    Customer Reviews

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    Jacob Kromm
    It Helps!

    This is a pretty killer idea for a product. One of the main issues with being active in VR is just how quickly your face gets hot, and this aims to fix that. I'll note that I ordered this a while ago and, based on the pictures, the design has been changed (mine has a fan at the end of each side that you can twist/tilt), but overall the purpose and usability looks like it would be the same, and this design actually looks like it could be even better at keeping you cool. I had friends thinking I was absolutely ridiculous for buying it, but they were swayed when they actually tried it. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the model I got is a bit fragile; one small drop and one of the fans doesn't twist/adjust very well anymore, though the new design in the pictures does look far more durable (no moving parts on the outside). If you're often finding yourself overheating while playing VR, this new design should be a great solution.

    These look even better

    I have the first version of these and they are great. I actually use it all the time lol, its a great little wireless fan to keep you cool.

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