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  • VIVE トラッカー用 TrackStrap バンドル


    VIVE トラッカー 3.0 および VIVE トラッカーと互換性があります(別売り)



    Steam では 12 を超えるサポート対象ゲームが利用可能

    主要なモーション キャプチャ ソフトウェアでも優れた動作をします

    特許出願中のため 1 年間の保証が付いています

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      amazing straps

      comfortable for long sessions, very high quality. they dont cause tracker jitter like other cheaper solutions. honestly reccomend for anyone getting vives or tundras. well worth the extra cash.

      i use them with vive 3.0 trackers.

      Putin 'B Shootin
      Vomited twice and working on the third.

      Pairing the VIVE Trackers with the Valve Index is an amazing experience. I bought my VR setup as a much more engaging cardio alternative. It definitely beats the hell out of staring at the same damn wall for 30min to an hour while running on a treadmill. From fist fighting, marksmanship, grappling, to combat in general, the trackers work very well and can take some hard hits (walls and the unlucky furniture around me). I have successfully split my left hand open twice now and I can't get enough. For myself and others like me, we could care less about injuries (humans heal, furniture and walls don't). I have had to run to the bathroom twice now to puke out of pure exertion. As a former Ranger, VR offers an outlet for people like us that have lived and continue to live a very aggressive lifestyle. In VR we are the only victims of our violence.

      I see the potential for both solo and group therapy for those with PTSD like myself. This is especially true when considering the multiplayer aspect in tandem with the multitude of moddable "sandbox" VR titles that can be described as "imagination is the limit". There is also, amazing potential for effective training with minimal risks to yourself and those around you.

      It just works

      Unlike most things that I have purchased for my VR setup, these trackstraps work like a charm out of the box. I got them for use with the VIVE Ultimate Trackers and it was extremely easy to attach the trackers and go from there. I would recommend these to anyone looking to get into FBT

      Lantric Masuzzo

      rly good

      xyler laws

      Trackstraps for VIVE Ultimate Tracker, VIVE Tracker, Tundra Tracker

      Full Body Tracking

      Experience a deeper level of immersion in VR

      Dance Dash + Trackstraps = Ultimate FBT GAME
      Dance Dash + Trackstraps = Ultimate FBT GAME

      Unlimited Potential of Trackstraps

      Trackstrap lets you use full body tracking in vr chat. Move your avatar and interact with others

      More immersively

      Other Full Body Tracking Games
      Other Full Body Tracking Games
      Silicon Gel Grip Dots
      Silicon grip dots on the base ensure the VIVE Tracker stays securely attached.
      Breathable Elastic Neoprene
      Highly durable breathable elastic neoprene commonly used in medical braces ensures a comfortable and snug fit
      Versatile Design
      Patent-penting innovative velcro design accommodates diverse sizes for feet, shoes, and waists
      Easy to Use
      Simple Setup and User-Friendly Experience, get started in minutes

      What‘s in the box?

      · 2x Trackstraps

      · 1x TrackBelt

      * trackers not Included

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