Is Your Phone VR-Compatible for metaverse? | Rebuff Reality Is Your Phone VR-Compatible for metaverse? | Rebuff Reality

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  • 3月 13, 2022 2 min read

    The first step in checking whether your phone is VR-compatible can be done without purchasing a VR headset, and instead can be done by checking if your phone possesses these four features. Generally, phones that are compatible and can be linked to VR headsets have four unique features: a gyroscope which is the backbone, a magnetic field sensor that enables the VR headset buttons to work with your phone, as well as an internal compass and NFC, both of which are optional. However, there are some other ways you can check if your phone would be compatible with your VR headset. In this article, we share some tips on how you can check for its compatibility. 

    Watch a 360-degree VR video 

    Perhaps the most straightforward way to check if your phone is VR-friendly and compatible with your VR headset is to play a 360-degree video and have the cardboard icon feature on YouTube. Start by searching for a general term like '360 VR videos' and open any random video. Once the video starts playing, there should be an indicator that states that you can move the device to explore the video. 

    Is Your Phone VR-Compatible

    Try moving your phone around, and the perspective of the video should emulate the direction of your movement. Additionally, you should also be able to move the angle and video screen of the video by tapping and swiping around with your finger. Again, the video should follow the direction your finger is moving. Finally, try experiencing the video with your headphones on, and you should be able to hear the spatial audio as well. Usually, these 360-degree VR videos on YouTube also feature a cardboard option, which brings us to our next tip. 

    Play the Video in Cardboard Mode 

    Once you have your video opened up, you should see if your video features the cardboard mode option. The cardboard mode option is usually available on the right-hand corner of your phone if you're watching it in a vertical orientation or through the 3-dot icon at the top of the video, where you can get the option 'Watch in VR'. 

    The screen will usually be divided into two split sections and should form frames that emulate the shapes of the VR headset lens. This indicates that your phone comprises a Gyroscope and a magnetic field sensor which means that it will work with any virtual reality headset. 

    Check using Third-Party VR Compatibility Apps 

    There are some very useful apps available on your phone's App Store that you can install to help detect if your phone is VR compatible. Some apps will be able to see the sensors, screen size, resolution, and compatibility status that your phone possesses – and they should be able to tell you if your phone is incompatible, partially compatible, or compatible. 

    Reinventing Reality 

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