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  • 11月 17, 2022 3 min read

    Meta: The world of virtual reality includes fun activities like VR rhythm games. Get to know which ones are best for your VR hardware as you get grooving and moving.


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    7 of the Best VR Rhythm Games for Your Oculus Quest 2 to Get You Moving


    There are many great experiences that unfold when you enter virtual reality. From watching 3D movies to playing games, you can have amazing experiences while using the best accessories available. For many in the world, music itself is a love language that is inescapable. In the world of Oculus Quest 2, you can experience music in surreal ways impossible to the real world. Here’s a list of the best VR Rhythm Game titles out there right now.


    #1 – AUDICA

    Rhythm games are made to make you sweat; and what better way than to start using a VR shooter game like AUDICA. In this game, you smash and shoot targets using a pair of rhythm blasters. As you progress in this game, you won’t only improve your score, but your accuracy and timing as well.


    #2 – Audio Trip

    If you are into dancing, you might appreciate this rhythm game. Audio Trip challenges you to catch gems, dodge barriers, ride ribbons, and smash drums. Workout in Cardio Mode to pump your adrenaline. It’s In-VR choreography editor allows you to channel your inner dancer and get creative. Custom song uploads are also supported.

    #3 – Beat Saber

    An iconic game in the VR platform, Beat Saber is among the first games ever tried by owners of VR today. Slash incoming cubes that fly towards you; arrows indicating the direction of the slash. Dodge dangerous obstacles that reduce your score. This game offers plenty of chart topping songs to dance to and encourages players to get creative in the way they “perform” while they play.


    #4 – Moon Rider

    Moon Rider is a FREE VR music visualizer and rhythm game available as WebVR. To enter, just visit the Moon Rider website, login, and click on the VR button on the bottom, right screen. With catchy tunes in the background, you are sure to get into the beat and have fun while playing this VR rhythm game.


    #5 – Pistol Whip

    Similar to AUDICA, this one is also a shooter game. There are scenes in this game; each of them uniquely designed to complement the music that is playing in the background. Coined as a “FPS Rhythm Game,” this game makes you feel like a combination of John Wick and Jimi Hendrix. This game was hailed as the "Immersive Reality Game of the Year" at the 2020 DICE Awards.

    #6 – Ragnarock

    In Ragnarock, you take on the role of a Viking Captain, whose purpose is to compete in a long ship race. Epic Viking music plays as you race and crush incoming runes with any of your two hammers. Rock and metal music are your primary music selections. Different sceneries depicting environments inspired by Norse mythology make you feel like you’re a Viking rocker legend.


    #7 – Synth Riders

    Sporting an 80’s retro theme, this game uses flashy targets and neon lights to get you in a vibe. While you dance around in your playspace, you smash all objects blocking your way. You can even use a smartwatch to track the calories that you have burned while playing this game.