VR Power 2 for Quest 2

Significantly increase the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 with digitally optimized battery power

10,000mAh = 8 hours of gaming and 10 hours of streaming

Counter-balance greatly improves comfort

Central power button with rotational power indication

UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Ulises Gallardo
Must have

This is honestly one of the best addons for any quest 2 set up or wireless vr. I play pc car and this honestly sets me up from 2is hours to 8 to 10 hours depending on the games.

Yoel M.
Great a little heavy

It balances the headset well just a little on the heavy side and it press a little on the head hard


It’s a great improvement from the last velcro straps, I recommend.

Andrew Bayliss
Great Battery

This battery lasts. Lets me play for hours. I get worn out before the battery gets close to depleted. Also the customer service is fantastic.

Best upgrade I've purchased yet

My Quests battery after 2 years of heavy use had started to dwindle. I was looking for solutions and I was recommended the Power 2. After seeing the great reviews it revived I pick one up. Absolute best thing ever over bought, I went from 1-2 hours to a while 6-8 hours of play on a single charge. And it feels great on the back of my elite strap!

Great company making even better products!

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