Tilted Mind

TrackStrap™ compatible and Vive Tracker features: 

The game can be played with optional body tracking if you have 3 Vive Trackers in addition to your 2 controllers. Attach one Vive Tracker to the top of each foot and one to your back on your belt. (Calibrate the body after the intro video has played by pressing down in the menu and choosing "Recalibrate Body.") If you want to try body tracking and have only 2 Vive Trackers, you can still try it, but it's not optimized for 2 Trackers.

From the Steam Page: 

In a world where most of humanity spends their waking life inside VR, one corporation has vast control over the planet. To ensure the freedom of humanity, you must enter the private simulation of an inventor long-thought dead.

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