VR Power 2 for Quest 2

Significantly increase the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 with digitally optimized battery power

10,000mAh = 8 hours of gaming and 10 hours of streaming

Counter-balance greatly improves comfort

Central power button with rotational power indication

UL and CE safety certified, comes with 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

It’s a great improvement from the last velcro straps, I recommend.

Andrew Bayliss
Great Battery

This battery lasts. Lets me play for hours. I get worn out before the battery gets close to depleted. Also the customer service is fantastic.

Best upgrade I've purchased yet

My Quests battery after 2 years of heavy use had started to dwindle. I was looking for solutions and I was recommended the Power 2. After seeing the great reviews it revived I pick one up. Absolute best thing ever over bought, I went from 1-2 hours to a while 6-8 hours of play on a single charge. And it feels great on the back of my elite strap!

Great company making even better products!

Eric Bates
Great product & customer service

We’ve had an issue with our original order and Rebuff handled it perfectly. We are now totally satisfied, great support and product.

Steven Landis
"Vr power 2" for Quest 2

I love using this battery pack,it has given me so much more time using the quest 2. Yes putting extra attachments can make it a little more cumbersome but it's worth it for me.I have the Vr ears also and I love using them too.

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